“Truths are lies about which one has forgotten that this is what they are”—Friedrich Nieztsche

Arno Frish in Funny Games by Michael Haneke

Paul (Arno Frish), in a scene from Michael Haneke’s Funny Games, breaks the fourth wall and draws attention to the artifice of cinema

filmslie.com lies (pun unavoidable) on the intangible intersection of cinema, philosophy, art, post-modernism, literary theory, and lies (the broader definition of which includes anything that pretends to be what it is not).

In the documentary 24 Realities per Second the Austrian director Michael Haneke famously said, “Film is 24 lies per second at the service of truth, or at the service of the attempt to find the truth.” However, according to his own theory, there is no reason to believe him—he said it in a movie.

Film is an artificial creation, a work of the imagination, and a lie that becomes real only within the context of itself. As experimental director Hollis Frampton put it, “It seems that a film is anything that may be put in a projector that will modulate the emerging beam of light.” Cinema, therefore, is simply a projection, an illusion of light. And yet, this is the paradox of movies— we still want “a real ending.”

filmslie.com examines this paradox by discussing experimental, avant-garde, documentary, animated, and art-house movies. Instead of trying to rank and rate movies (3.5 stars out of 6 equals 0.7 constellations; 10 constellations are equal to one galaxy, which automatically nominates the movie for top 10 for the corresponding section of the universe), the website favors the postmodern approach of ambivalence and the post-structuralist collapse of language and binary oppositions such as  good-bad, smart-stupid. Trying to avoid such qualitative verdicts, filmslie.com instead focuses on the thematic and cinematic components of the movie—themes, script, cinematography, etc.

The website prefers postmodern movies that examine the elusive nature of reality, self-reference, and philosophical concepts such as The Death of The Author. (The death of the author is the reason why filmslie.com prefers “filmslie.com” and “the website” over inaccurate concepts such as “I,” “we,” or “our enthusiastic team of devoted film fans, eager to provide you with the best content.”)

The section ideas discusses works of philosophy, psychology, literary criticism, natural selection, neuroscience, or any other fields that may or may not thematically relate to the cinema art, a particular movie, or lies. Take the McGurk effect— a good scientific example of how your brain and senses are lying to you.

In short, filmslie.com is pretentious, preposterous, self-preponderant, and above all, prepuncent.

Any remaining questions you may have (including the dictionary definition and thesaurus of “prepuncent”) are addressed in the section The Truth.

If you still reading this, filmslie.com apologizes for the inconvenience.