The Third Side of the River | La Tercera Orilla | Berlin Film Festival Day 7 | Press Conference | Live Coverage

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Celina Murga The Third Side of the River Berlin Film Festival

Celina Murga at the press conference of her Argentinian film The Third Side of The River

The press conference for Argentinian Celina Morga’s The Third Side of The River (La Tercera Orilla) just began. Follow our comprehensive live coverage.

The film is set in Argentina and follows the double life of a doctor who is split between his two families.

11.50 Direcor Celina Murga revealed the name of the movies refers to a place that does not exist. It is therefore a metaphor of the quest for identity in The Third Side Of The River.

11.57 Celina Murga talks about the social and political background in Argentina. The director talks about the macho attitude depicted in the movie, as well as her attempt not to confine the story within a particular social group.

12.00 Speaking in the context of the social unrest in Argentina, a journalist just asked the director is she thinks there is any hope for the world. Murga said she considers herself a positive person and believes the world will overcome the social crisis.

The Third Side of The River Berlin Film Festival

Alian Devetac, main actor in The Third Side of the River. Live at the press conference at Berlin Film Festival

12.01 Celina Murga said she has been in touch with filmmaker Martin Scorsese. Murga said Scorsese helped her with the depiction of the male world in the movie.  Scorsese has discussed the script with Murga, as well as help the financing and promoting of the movie.

The third side of the river press conference Berlin Film Festival

The Third Side of The River Argentinian film by female filmmaker Celina Murga.

12.04 The main actor Alian Devetac of the movie just revealed he does not consider himself an actor and he has had no formal training in film.

12.16 The director discussed a scene in the movie, in which the main character, Nicolas, is hiding when his father is coming to see him. She said the scene does not necessarily have a narrative function, but rather an emotional one. Nicolas is trying to observe and understand who his father really is.

12.18 Celina Murga said this is The Third Side of The River’s world premiere and the film has not been shown in Argentina yet.

The Third Side of The River Berlin Film Festival Celina Murga