New Oscar Categories Compilation: Twitter Oscars Buzz #NewOscarCategories

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twitter-#newoscarcategoriesWith just a few days to the 2014 Oscars, the social media has been hashtagging and chit-chatting all sorts of Oscars-related trivia. In the most recent case, Thursday night Twitter blew up with Comedy Central’s @midnight show Hashtag War. The topic was #NewOscarCategories, which was the top Twitter trend for Thursday evening and continued well into early Friday. Here is a fine selection:

And some were referencing Shia LaBeouf’s plagiarism tendencies:

Here is one that may be referring to the “eye-opening” The Act of Killing or The Square

While others were mocking the often-predictable film world:

This one refers to the Alan Smithee pseudonym used by directors who wished to dissociate their name from a film when they were unsatisfied with the product and did not have artistic control over it. Whenever a movie was credited to Allan Smithee, it typically meant something went wrong. Alan Smithee officially retired in 2000, but his legacy may have been continued by Harry Kirkpatrick.

While others took the joke to unpredictable meta-levels:

And one that could be referring to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death before the release of the new Hunger Games movie: