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Digital Cinema Theory: The Pause Button, David Lynch, Memento & Fight Club

Digital cinema theory is not concerned with digitally-created cinema only, but rather with the philosophy of film in the digital age, a unique technological time of DVD chapters, torrents, and Netflix, which radically change the experience and meaning of watching a movie through multiple screens, pausing, rewinding, and skipping. The act of pausing a movie […]

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Thorsten Fleisch Interview About Film Authorship & Self-Reference

Despite his distinguishable cinematic style, experimental filmmaker Thorsten Fleisch doesn’t feel like he created his films. That doesn’t apply to all of my films, but most of them I really do feel that I didn’t create them, as they rely on processes that reflect a certain technique that I later refined […] in directions that […]

waking life scene with ethan hawke

Waking Life Bed Scene with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy Chapter 5 “Death and Reality”| The Death of the Author

Probably because of the director’s philosophical background, Richard Linklater’s Waking Life explores existentialism, free will, and even the favorite topic the lie of reality. This post, however, will focus only on the bedroom scene with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, both frequent collaborators with Linklater, and its relation to another favorite topic, the death of […]

Allergy to Originality: Interview with Filmmaker Drew Christie

Drew Christie’s Allergy to Originality is a 5-minute animated short film that screened at Sundance 2014. The hand-drawn film examines the nature of creativity and invention with a postmodern attitude that refutes the possibility of originality or creation of any idea or work. Instead, the film favors the multiple-discovery theory which recognizes an infinite number […]

Philip Seymour Hoffman death. Homo Posthumous

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death: Homo Posthumous and A Portrait of The Artist as a Dead Man

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death hit the news and went viral on February 2nd. Ever since then, his popularity seems to be skyrocketing. All over the world, journalists, bloggers, and fans have been reinventing his acting, revisiting his addiction, analyzing the details of his life, and (de)mystifying his death. Hoffman’s death seems to follow the familiar […]

the death of the author by roland barthes

The Death of The Author: Roland Barthes and The Collapse of Meaning

“The Death of the Author” by Roland Barthes  is a landmark for 20-th century literature, literary theory, post-structuralism, and postmodernism. The essay opposes the established trends “in ordinary culture […] tyrannically centered on the author, his person, his life,” and abolish the classical literary criticism that analyses a literary work within the biographical and personal […]