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guy sherwin man with a mirror

Guy Sherwin’s Man With Mirror: Cinema & Live Performance

Guy Sherwin’s Man With A Mirror is a unique hybrid of film and performance art, a cross-genre experimental piece which defies categorizations. The artwork consists of a filmed part of a man with a mirror in a park, and a live-action part of the same man (Guy Sherwin himself) with a similar mirror. The images […]

Charlie Kaufman on Scriptrwriting

Charlie Kaufman Interview on Scriptwriting & Why “Movies Lie a Lot”

That films lie becomes especially obvious behind the scenes where one can see all the special effects films like Only God Forgives use. That’s why filmmaker Werner Herzog said, “What we do as filmmakers is immaterial. It’s only a projection of light. […] It’s illusionist work.” Similarly, Michael Haneke said, “Film is 24 lies per second […]

Special Effects in Only God Forgives

How Films Lie: The Special Effects in Only God Forgives by Nicolas Winding Refn

Werner Herzog once said, “What we do as filmmakers is immaterial. It’s only a projection of light. […] It’s illusionist work.” Hollis Frampton similarly observed the physicality of cinema and defined film as “anything that may be put in a projector that will modulate the emerging beam of light. […] A film is a ribbon of […]

La Jetee Chris Marker analysis 1962 the Jetty

Chris Marker’s La Jetee Analysis: Mortality and the Illusion of Time

Nine years before Hollis Frampton’s Nostalgia and Poetic Justice used still images to examine the question of cinema temporality, Chris Marker composed La Jetee (1962) almost entirely of still shots. Both films share the themes of time, memory, and perception, but unlike Nostalgia which abandons narrative in favor of structure, La Jetee tells an elaborate science […]


Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac Analysis Volume 1 & 2: Brechtian Alienation Effect

Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac is more than the media controversy surrounding it. Sex is not news for Trier’s films, whose Zentropa film company, aside from producing Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt, has also produced female-targeted porn films such as All About Anna, and of course Trier’s Antichrist, in which Charlotte Gainsbourg’s character cut her clitoris with […]

Thomas Vinterberg The Hunt Film Analysis Jagten

Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt Analysis: Truth, Lies, and False Memory

Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt (Jagten) follows the story of the kinder garden teacher Lucas (played by Mads Mikkelsen) who is wrongly accused of abusing a little girl. The Hunt, which was nominated for Best Foreign Picture Oscar, deals with truth, lies, and the way they shape reality perception. The movie’s deceptively simple plot examines  the psychological phenomenon false […]

Get a horse animated short Lauren Macmullan

Lauren MacMullan’s Get a Horse! : Breaking the Fourth Wall

Disney’s Get a Horse! was one of the nominees for the Best Animated Short Oscar, but it lost to Mr Hublot. The 3D short directed by Lauren MacMullen features Mickey and Mini Mouse in a mixed media of hand-drawn black-and-while animation blended with computer-generated color 3D animation. Get a Horse! is not only a true […]

The Act of Killing Joshua Oppenheimer documentary Oscars 2014

The Act of Killing: Joshua Oppenheimer and the Denial of Reality

Earlier today, the director of The Act of Killing Joshua Oppenheimer published a comment about the influence his Oscar-nominated documentary had on the Indonesian society. The Act of Killing revisits and literally re-enacts the country’s horror from 1965, when the military overtook government power and killed more than 500,000 people labeled “communists.” The Act of […]

is the man who is tall happy michel gondry noam chomsky documentary

Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? by Michel Gondry: Documentary and Animation, Reality and Film

Michel Gondry used a box of sharpies and a 16-mm camera to interview linguist Noam Chomsky in his new movie, Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?. Gondry’s hand-drawn animation paints (pun intended) a personal, funny, and unpretentious portrait of Chomsky and his scientific ideas. The movie screened at the Berlin Film Festival a few […]

Hollis Frampton Lemon movie review

Hollis Frampton’s Lemon Analysis— The Nature of Film and Vision

Hollis Frampton’s Lemon (1969) examines the nature of vision, illusion, spatiality, and film. Unlike Frampton’s Nostalgia, Lemon is silent. It is a minimalist movie, in which a single static shot of a lemon continually changing in appearance as the light on screen changes. The film is thematically similar to Frampton’s Poetic Justice, which also examines […]

Michael Haneke documentary 24 Realities per Second.

Watch “24 Realities per Second” Michael Haneke Documentary

Nina Kusturica, a distant relative of Emir Kusturica, and Eva Testor made the Michael Haneke documentary in 2005 after filming  the director over a two-year span and following his festival trips and filmmaking process. Nina Kusturica has studied filmmaking and editing at the Vienna Film University, where Haneke is teaching. The movie’s style and topics […]

Michael Haneke's Funny Games

Michael Haneke’s Funny Games and the Lie of Reality

Michael Haneke’s “Funny Games” is a postmodern take on the realistic illusion of film. It is a self-referential exploration of the truth-value of artificial images and the “entertainment” of violence. It is also a meticulous technical exercise in repetitive breaking and building of the fourth wall—a meta-fiction that calls attention to its own artifice. “Well […]